High Quality HPMC Thickener For Detergents / Liquid Soap / Shampoo / Hand Sanitizer

Short Description:

CAS No.: 9004-65-3
Other Names: hpmc
MF: C32H60O19
EINECS No.: 220-971-6
Purity: 99.9%
Type: thickening agent for detergent

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Youngcel can give good thickening effect to personal care products including Nurturing cosmetics (hair care, skin care and oral hygienea) and Decorative cosmetics (make-up, powders, eye shadow and mascara).

Youngcel improves the foam stability of shaving foams, increases the stickiness of adhesive creams.

Youngcel acts as a binder in powder make-ups, and eases the distribution of hair colouring agents.

  • Thickening effects
  • Adjustment of consistency
  • Stabilisation
  • Solutions of good clarity
  • Product Detail

    Product name HPMC
    Keywords Cellulose
    Color Sub-white
    Appearance white or off-white powder
    Grade Industrail Grade
    Application Industrial Paint
    PH 5-7
    Package 25kg/bag
    Viscosity 200,000MAP.S
    Function Thickening, gelling, adhesiving
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