High Purity 99% pva industrial grade polymer powder polyvinyl alcohol pva good price pva 1788 2488 powder

Short Description:

Other Names:   PVA,Polyvinyl alcohol

Appearance:   White flake, flocculent or powder solid, White Powder

Application:   Adhesives, emulsifiers, dispersants, etc., Construction, Glu

Purity:   99%, 99%

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Manufacturer High quality PVA Powder for Glue

Manufacturer high quality Eco-friendly redispersible Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) for glue as additive for cement-based products
and glue. It can be used in conjunction with cellulose ethers to improve the flexibility, water retention, viscosity and friction
of cement motar building materials and glue. To prevent the cracking, shedding and increase the adhesion strength and
smoothness of the coating.Store under the dry and clean condition, also ventilation required. and Avoid the direct sunlight
and damped place.
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