Factory Sale Construction Grade MHEC Technical Grade for Paint Cellulose Ether MHEC

Short Description:

Classification:   Chemical Auxiliary Agent

Usage:   Paint coating

Brand name:   YoungCel

Model Number:   YFPA-150

CAS No.:   9032-42-2

Colour:   White to cream

Place of production:   ShiJiaZhuang,HeBei

Product Detail

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Product  Information:

Hydroxy ethyl methyl cellulose (MHEC)

Superb Gypsum-based Products with YoungCel

Products Description:

MHEC used as the water retaining agent and retarder in mortar it has good pump-ability ;Used as adhesives in

plaster gypsum material Putty powder or other construction materials to improve its work-ability and extend the

operation time; water retention property can prohibit too fast dry and cracking after the slurry spraying and

enhanced strength after hardening.

CAS No.:9032-42-2


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